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Top online business podcasts πŸ“»

Looking for some general online business podcasts to get inspired or learn about the basics of building an online business? We have created a top list of online business podcasts. If you have any suggestions to this list let us know !Β Β 

How I built this

By ; Guy raz (NPR)

How I built this is a podcast about great online businesses founding stories. From Instagram to Rent the Runway, all great stories from the founders themselves.

βœ… Learn from the best with stories from big company founders.
❌ None, just go listen to a couple of them

πŸ† Available on all platforms

HBR ideacast

By ; Harvard Business review

HBR ideacast is a great podcast about business topics like leadership and strategy with some of the best experts out there. It is a bit more on the strategy and general topic side compared to other podcasts, but still very interesting.

βœ… Great experts telling their side of the story on business topics
❌ Not relevant if you are just trying to build a small online business

πŸ† Available on all platforms

Entrepreneurs on fire

By ; John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas talks about so many topics that you encounter when you are building your online business. There is always some episode that is relevant to you. It might not be the most detailed view, but still very inspirational.

βœ… All topics around building an online businessΒ 
❌ Might not always be as relevant as you want

πŸ† Available on all platforms

The Tim Ferris show

By ; Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss has written one of the most popular business books out there the 40-hour workweek. Now Tim Ferriss also has a very popular podcast discussing a lot of topics around building an online business. Tim Ferriss tells some great stories about entrepreneurs who have to build great companies you can learn from.

βœ… Just a very fun book to hear about the different types of businessess
❌ This book would show you the best way to start an online business

πŸ† 4.7 rating on Amazon

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