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Top 10 Fashion business ideas 2020 👚

If you have a passion for fashion and want to pursue it as your full-time career your options have never been better. Not to worry if you can’t design or sew as you can still achieve your fashion dreams. The top 10 fashion business ideas of 2020 will serve as inspiration!

Personal Stylist For The Everyday Diva

Using; Weebly, WordPress and social media

Personal styling is no longer reserved for only the rich and famous, as everyday divas and professionals need styling too. You can offer a variety of styling services including closet cleanout and organization, remixing what they already have, personal shopping, style makeovers, and more. Just create your own Weebly or WordPress website to get started as well as an Instagram account.

✅ No need for inventory
❌ Build an audience first

Graphic Design

Using; graphic design tool (Adobe or any other) and Printful

If you are a skilled graphic designer put your skills to work. Design textile prints and patterns, custom graphics for designers, or design and sell your own graphic tees, totes, and other clothing and accessories from print on demand company such as Printful. With print on demand, there is no worry of managing inventory so you can design graphics for fleeting trends.

Low risk due to not having any inventory
❌ Build an audience first

Rent Out Designer Fashions

Using; Rent The Runway

A true fashion fanatic is never caught in the same look twice, but not everyone can afford a new gown or glam look for every party and special event they attend. Capitalize on this demand by creating an online business renting out trending handbags, accessories, and high-fashion formal attire. A local brick and mortar store is ideal so that renters can try your items on, but for the largest reach create a website similar to Rent The Runway.

✅ Setting up a marketplace for high-end fashion can be very beneficial
❌ Setup is a bit more technical than other business ideas


Using; Social media and Poshmark

We all have tags-on items in our closets and items we’ve only worn a time or two, so create a business reselling their like-new high-end designs. Sell via Instagram, Facebook, your own website, brick and mortar store, or on Poshmark.

✅ Great way to make some extra money on the side
❌ Buying and selling at the right price takes a lot of research, experience and skill

Social media influencer

Using; Social media 

The key to being a successful fashion and beauty influencer is to find your niche. Think beyond Kardashian-level glam, which may be your style, but it’s far from your only option. Consider targeting sustainable fashion, athleisurewear, plus-size, modern modest, minimalist, professional but chic, and more. You could even ghost post for popular influencers who delegate some of their posts. Instagram is the top spot for influencers but don’t count out Facebook and “How To” YouTube videos.

✅ Awesome way to share your passion and earn some money
❌ This is a very crowded market, standing out is crucial


Using; Podcasting software

If you love to chat launch a fashion podcast to interview influencers, up and coming designers, and discuss fashion trends. Monetize your podcast with fashion and beauty ad spots and sponsorships. Here are the top 22 places to post your podcast.

✅ The podcast space is booming, getting in early will be great
❌ Equipment is needed to get it set up


Using; Etsy

Getting dressed up is no longer reserved for holidays, so consider a fashion costume niche. You could design or sell custom costumes for Comi Con, Star Wars, superheroes, medieval costumes, anime, themed lingerie, and more. Sell ad spots that link back to your e-commerce website, post to niche-websites, and sell on

✅ Speciality markets are great because they usually come with high prices and low competition
❌ Adding value requires skill

Upcycled designs

Using; Etsy

If you can sew but prefer sustainable fashions create custom designs from primarily upcycled materials. Create your own website, utilize social media, and sell on

✅ Sustainable fashion is an up and coming market
❌ The process of create your first piece of fashion can be difficult


Using; Etsy

Whether it’s a department store or a local boutique, window displays entice shoppers to walk through the door. Once inside, store layout and displays hit or miss or they entice shoppers to buy more. If you have a creative eye this could be the fashion career for you. Having a portfolio of your work is a must and walking directly into small boutiques is the most effective way to expand your reach. As your portfolio grows apply for merchandising jobs that you find online.

✅ Building a portfolio can be great for other purposes as well
❌ Might be a bit more difficult to create your own business

Social media marketer

Using; Etsy

Competition is fierce which is why everyone from up and coming designers to boutique owners and influencers hire social media marketers. You must love fashion and understand their niche to drive targeted traffic—and sales or sponsorship opportunities. This includes everything from managing their daily posts, designing their paid ads, and full-service digital marketing. Build your SMM business by creating and marketing your own website and reaching out directly to fashion professionals.

✅ If research, create and engage with fashion is your thing. This business idea is a great option
❌ This has become a very competitive market

These are just your top 10 fashion career options but there are many more to choose from. Once you identify the fashion career of your dreams this Fashion Business Step-by-Step Guide and Fashion Business Toolkit will help you get your business up and running!

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